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not a throwback.
Lemon x lime x strawberry x mint leaf detox water ✨ eating and drinking clean this summer!
Merry Christmas <3
Heaven is a place on earth with you <3 (Taken with Instagram)
Last high school homecoming, craaazy. Love these girls! (Taken with Instagram)
<333 (Taken with Instagram)

I have finally returned from France, where I’ve been for the past 2 & a half weeks. In the time I was there, I visited Paris, Nantes (where my grandma grew up), La Bernerie (a small, quaint little town right on the ocean) and my family in Normandy…all in all, I had an amazing time. It was super interesting being amid the French culture, watching the interaction, eating outside at cute little sidewalk cafes, trying new foods, and spending time with my family…we made the most moves in those 17 days haha. But anyways, yeah, I’m back. Lulz.

Greetings from Paris (Taken with Instagram at Tour Eiffel)
Warm me up…and breathe me. (Taken with Instagram)